RTVELI – Georgian Food & Wine Festival

RTVELI – Georgian Food & Wine Festival

Rtveli is not just a harvest, this is a celebration. After the delivery of the grapes to their collection sites, the celebration part begins, with folk song, dances, tables full of food and newly squeezed grape juices as well as wines harvested in past years.

The celebration of the spirit of the grape harvest has been carried out through centuries and we want to continue this tradition overseas and introduce the culture of harvesting and celebration in Georgian way to everyone.

The idea converting RTVELI to food festival is primarily to re-integrate value back into food systems and food culture as well as wine. Through such festivals, communities become aware of the importance of reviving their traditional food practices and wine production, leading to increased local resilience and security.

Harvesting Festival will be a great venue to raise awareness about Georgia through presenting traditional wines, dishes, dances and songs, as well as explaining and documenting the cultural links.

This multidimensional community driven initiative will empower people via a ground up approach.

Georgian food, wine, harmonious music and mind blowing folk dances!

RTVELI , Georgian Food and Wine Festival, draws attendance from all of northern Philadelphia including the metropolitan areas of Philadelphia and Trenton as well as Lehigh, Northampton, Mercer and Montgomery Counties.

The educated, discerning consumer that attends our event provides a multitude of marketing opportunities for Sponsors.

Take advantage of the RTVELI to:

  • Launch a new product or new model with sampling, demonstrations on our Demo Stage or unveiling event
  • Reward clients with an entertainment area – special dinner or wine tasting
  • Expose your brand with signage and co-branded advertising before and during the event.

Rtveli is a traditional vintage and rural harvest holiday in Georgia accompanied by feasts, musical events and other celebrations. It normally takes place in late September in eastern Georgia and in mid-October in western Georgia.

Event Info:

Date: September 15th, 2019
Location: Polanka Park
Address: 3258 Knights Rd, Bensalem PA 19020

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